Flooding is usually caused by a combination of events, including overflowing riverbanks, coastal storms or blocked or overloaded drainage ditches. There have been a number of severe floods throughout the country in the last decade. The impact of a flood can be devastating for a community, so it is important that people whose properties may be at risk take appropriate action to protect their homes from such an emergency.

Changes in rainfall patterns and a rise in sea levels as a result of climate change may lead to more frequent and severe flooding incidents in the future.

Effective measures can be taken to prepare for such incidents and minimise the resulting damage and difficulties in their aftermath. Such preparations are particularly necessary if you live in a flooding risk area.

The Office of Public Works has produced an information booklet on the preparations you can take, what should be in a Family Flood Plan, insurance issues, advice for the elderly and those with mobility difficulties, and the signs to look out for that would indicate a flood is imminent.