Major Pollution Incidents at Sea

A pollution incident at sea is defined as any occasion when a vessel requests assistance (other than search and rescue) due to damage or machinery failure with actual or threatened spill of oil or other hazardous noxious substances.

It is usually a result of a marine casualty e.g. grounding, collision, fire or sinking. The response action may include salvage assistance to the vessel and will cover threatened or actual spill of oil or other substance at sea, and/or shoreline clean up.

Response Action

The Irish Coast Guard is the authority responsible for managing marine emergency incidents by monitoring, intervention and exercising ultimate command and control of the incident. This includes casualty response to vessels in need of assistance and pollution response arising from the threat of or actual spillage or loss of oil or hazardous and noxious substances, which threaten the Irish coastline or related interests.

What to do (in the event of the emergency)

Contact the Irish Coast Guard by dialing 999 or 112. The Coast Guard will assess the incident and respond accordingly depending on the nature of the incident.