National Risk Assessment for Ireland 2020

26th Mar 2021 Facebook Twitter
NRA Risk Matrix

The National Risk Assessment for Ireland 2020 was endorsed by the Government Task Force on Emergency Planning on 24 February 2021. Following this endorsement it was noted by Government and it was then forwarded to the European Commission to meet Ireland’s reporting obligations under Article 6 of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. It also ensures Ireland’s compliance with Decision Number 1313/2013/EU of the European Parliament.

The preparation of national risk assessments are a key part of the Strategic Emergency Management National Structures and Framework approved by Government in July 2017. This National Risk Assessment’s production was managed by the Government Task Force’s Subgroup on Risk, chaired by the Office of Emergency Planning with the participation and assistance of all Government Departments and key Agencies and Dublin City University Business School.

The National Risk Assessment’s purpose is to identify the key risks facing the State across a broad range of emergencies, to assess the likelihood and impact of these risks and to inform actions at a national-level aimed at mitigating them. It provides a basis for establishing priorities with regard to risk mitigation and management at national level and to inform Government decisions regarding resource allocation. This National Risk Assessment replaces the previous assessment completed in 2017. It will continue to be reviewed by the Government Task Force on a three year cycle and/or in response to a change in the risk environment. It will also inform the deliberative processes at EU level, contributing to the development of an overview of the key risks the EU may face in the future.

The Minister for Defence, as Chair of the Government Task Force on Emergency Planning, issued a Press Release on the publication of this NRA 2020 which is available at:

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