Strategic Emergency Management National Structures and Framework

Strategic Emergency Management Guideline 2 - Emergency Communications

Strategic Emergency Management Guideline 3 - Critical Infrastructure Resilience

Strategic Emergency Management Guideline 4 - Climate Change Adaption



Be Summer-Ready Booklet

A National Risk Assessment for Ireland 2017

Summary of the National Risk Management Capabilities Assessment - 2018

The National Maritime SAR Framework

The Framework for Major Emergency Management

Chemicals Regulation

National Emergency Plan for Nuclear Accidents

Forest Service Wildfire Risk Warning System 2018



Pandemic Flu

National Pandemic Influenza Plan

The purpose of this document is to tell you about pandemic influenza (flu), to explain what the Government and the health services are doing to prepare for a possible pandemic and most importantly, to advise you what you need to do if there is a pandemic. National Pandemic Influenza Plan

The Health Service Executive - Seasonal Flu Vaccine and Related Information

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC)
Ireland's specialist agency for the surveillance of communicable diseases - Advice on Influenza: The Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC)

Business Continuity Planning responding to an Influenza Pandemic:
This study identifies issues for enterprise in the event of an influenza pandemic. It includes a user-friendly check-list for enterprises to assist continuity planning for such a pandemic and ten illustrative case studies of how enterprises across a range of sectors are preparing to respond. Business Continuity Planning: Responding to an Influenza Pandemic

Post-Primary Schools

Guidelines on Managing Safety and Health in Post-Primary Schools

Severe Weather

Business Continuity in Severe Weather

Public Information - Schemes Available for Those Affected by Recent Flooding


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